NOW ENROLLING OMAHA BARS. Join us! Launching April 1st, 2019.

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Why should I join?

Drive business to your bar with a monthly promotion. We advertise and deliver your monthly promotion to Omaha Bar Pass subscribers. There is no cost for you. Just select a promotion and we handle the rest. For example, we recommend selecting a strong offer like one of the following:

  • Buy one drink get one for a penny. The penny drink can be a specific drink or one of equal or lesser value.
  • Buy one pitcher and get one for a penny. Again, the penny pitcher can be specific or one of equal or lesser value.
  • Offer a specific drink between $0.10 and $1.00
  • Get a free appetizer with any drink purchase.

Your only cost as a bar or restaurant will be the food and drink cost that you give away. Most Omaha Bar Pass subscribers will go on to make purchases after their one token is used and bring other full price paying guests.

Omaha Bar Pass is a great way to get new customers to try you out and the lowest customer acquisition cost of any type of marketing for bars and restaurants.

How often do I need to specify promotions?

When you sign up, we’ll ask that you send us 12 promotions (one for each month for the next 12 months). You never need to be worried about being locked in to a promotion, and you may contact us at anytime before tokens have been printed for changes. We want to see the bars and restaurants in our program succeed.

Eventually, we’ll let you pick your promotions through the website (not ready yet).

How do my customers take advantage of the promotion?

Before the start of the month, Omaha Bar Pass mails all subscribers a set of promotion tokens for all participating bars. They exchange their token at the bar to receive the promotion for that month. The bar then discards the token so it isn’t used again. Expired tokens (outside of the current month) cannot be exchanged. The customer must have a token in hand in order to exchange for the promotion.

What does it cost?

Free for the bars and restaurants that we accept in the program during our early enrollment. We’re currently looking for the 50 best establishments in Omaha to launch with in April 2019. Request to join today!

How do I request to join?

Message us using the form below.

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